Drama Camp 2019

Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world’s a stage…”

If that’s true, maybe we should get comfortable on it!

St. Paul’s Drama Camp is a fun-filled 4 day camp for children entering 1st through 6th grade. Participants will gain confidence on the stage of a theater–and on the stage of life. Every day will feature a devotion and an acting-related skill, such as: stage presence, diction, emotion and costume design.

The camp is held from June 24th-June 27th, 6-8pm. On the final day, parents are invited to arrive at 7:45pm to see a demonstration of some of the skills their children have learned.

Register before June 17th by filling out this online form and bringing the $10 registration fee (or $15 for 2 or more kids) either in cash or by check (made out to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church) on the first day of camp. The fee covers the cost of the crafts, “costumes,” and materials.

Registration is limited, so sign up today!

For more info, email stpls@stpls.org,  call the office at 989-799-3271, or call Pastor Buelow at 989-412-0458.