Late Service Time Survey Results


155 people responded to the survey and provided beneficial and valuable insights for both sides regarding the late service time change and extended Bible Class/Sunday School hour. In the end, the results of the survey showed a 2:1 ratio of maintaining the 10:30 service time with Bible Class/Sunday School from 9:15-10:05. 88 respondents, well over half, preferred the 10:30 time, while only 42 preferred the 10:45 time. 25 expressed no preference. While many comments supported the opinion that 1 hour was needed for the Bible Class/Sunday School period, many also supported the opinion that 45 minutes was sufficient. The other issue repeatedly expressed in favor of the 10:30 service was the lateness of the day by the time the late service concluded. Thank you for all of the valuable thoughts and feedback. After gathering information and weighing carefully all the thoughtful comments and rationale on both sides of the issue, the council has recommended to the voters to go back to the old schedule and keep the late service time at 10:30. The voters of the congregation will have the opportunity to make the final decision on this matter at their next quarterly meeting on Monday evening, July 10.

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