Support Our School

For over 150 years,

the members of St. Paul’s have supported their school with prayers, volunteers, and monetary gifts given in their offerings at church. They do this out of gratitude for what Jesus has done for them and because they know that this message about Jesus is the most important thing they can pass on to the next generation. Through this support, St. Paul’s members have been a blessing to many children in the past and continue to be a blessing to the children of the present.

With your prayers and your gifts,

St. Paul’s Lutheran School will continue to teach God’s Word to the next generation in the classroom, on the court or field, and in church.

In addition to your prayers and gifts,

did you know you can support St. Paul’s School through “community resource” programs? Click the links below to find out how you can support St. Paul’s through the purchases that you make.

Kroger Community Rewards

General Mills Box Tops


The money we receive from these different programs is put into the school gift fund. That fund helps to cover some of the expenses we have that are not in the budget. Over the years, the gift fund has helped in purchasing whiteboards, classroom carpeting, technology items, a new sound system for the gym, and having the bleachers renovated. We are thankful for the gifts this that this program has helped to fund. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!

It is a blessing

for our school that our congregation members are very supportive of Christian education. In addition to your prayers and offerings, we are thankful for your participation in these programs.

If you have any questions about any of these or would like to know more about supporting the school, please call the school office @ 989-799-3271 or email